‘That’s My Job’: Outraged Mother Says Her Daughter’s School Crossed the Line With Privacy Infringement

Khloey Summers, a student at a Hillsboro, Ore., middle school, like many of her peers, whipped out her cellphone to take footage of an incident occurring in the gym last week. School officials confiscated all the students’ cellphones though, and when Summers’ device was returned, the video was deleted.

Now, Summers’ mother said she feels her daughter’s rights were violated.

According to KATU-TV,  R.A. Brown Middle School administrators took Summers’ phone, on which she had filmed a confrontation between a student and staff member Friday. When she got her phone back the video was gone. She also reviewed her recently opened apps and found they had gone through her messages and photos as well, presumably to see if information about the confrontation had been sent elsewhere.

student cellphone deleted
An Oregon middle school student’s video was deleted but she found administrators went through other applications on the device as well. Her mother views this as a privacy violation. (Image source: KATU-TV)

“Clearly I don’t feel like my daughter did anything wrong. I feel like her rights were violated by going through her phone and text messages. As a parent that’s my job,” Melissa Siegel, Summers’ mother, told KATU.

Watch KATU-TV’s report:

The mother of the student involved in the confrontation, who ended up being arrested, now wants to know why the videos were deleted.

“Deleting videos after accusing someone, that’s just suspicious behavior,” Celia Watt, the suspended boy’s mother, told the news station. “For adults to do that, that’s suspicious.”

The school’s spokesperson told KATU its Standards of Student Conduct handbook permits staff to confiscate property that could be “injurious or detrimental to the safety and welfare of the students and staff.”