‘Trick Shot Titus’ Is Back and as Insanely Talented as Ever in New Video – This Time He’s Joined by Two Hollywood Megastars

‘Trick Shot Titus’ is back with a brand new viral video featuring his incredible basketball skills. The video’s description calls it possibly the “greatest compilation of trick shots put together by miniature man.”

A couple of Titus’ friends also agreed to appear in his latest video. Who are they? Just Hollywood megastars Channing Tatum and Bradley Cooper — no big deal.

Actor Channing Tatum and Titus (YouTube)
Actor Bradley Cooper and Titus (YouTube)

“Movie stars? Check. Buckets from seven-stories? Check. Making shots with both hands (at the same time!)? Check,” the description says.

Watch the latest ‘Trick Shot Titus’ video that will more than likely have more than 1 million views by the end of the week: