Incredible Moment Being Hailed the ‘Golf Shot of the Year’

Add this to the list of what could be considered a golfer’s worst nightmare — the moment the ball lands less than a foot away from a split fence post.

Fortunately, for Matt Wheatcroft, this situation turned out to be a dream come true.

matt wheatcroft
Matt Wheatcroft assesses the situation, considering how he will hit the ball that’s inches away from a fence post. (Image source: YouTube)

Instead of trying to take a short swung chip to get his ball further away from the post, Wheatcroft took a risk, hitting the ball toward the fence as opposed to away.

matt wheatcroft
The amateur golfer, under the eye of British professionals, takes an unconventional aim at the ball, bounding it off the fence post. (Image source: YouTube)

The ball perfectly bounced off the post, over a tree and inches away from the hole.

matt wheatcroft
The amazing shot was hit a few months ago, but is going viral now after being posted earlier this week.(Image source: YouTube)

“It was incredible. I tell you Mickelson couldn’t have done it,” Brian Barnes, a British professional golfer, said in the video about Phil Mickelson, the famed American golfer who won the British Open this year.

Watch the footage:

What is being called the “golf shot of the year” took place at the British Par-3 Championship in August, but it was posted on YouTube this week and has been getting play ever since.

“I asked the marshal if I could play the ball off the post and he said ‘Yes if you want to end up in A and E’ and my mate said I wouldn’t do it, so of course that was like giving a rag to a red bull and nothing was going to stop me then,” Wheatcroft told the Nottingham Post this week.

“I was quite nervous playing it to be honest because lots of people were watching and even when I played it I flinched, it could have taken my eye out. I have never tried anything like this before and never even thought about it. It’s just one of those things that happened on the day and in the situation,” he continued.

Wheatcroft, who was the amateur on the professional/amateur team, told the newspaper he is surprised about the attention the shot has garnered.

“The attention the shot has had is unbelievable and it is fantastic. I keep checking the video every hour and it keeps going up by 1,000 a time. It was nice to share the day with celebrities and do this shot in front of them,” he said, according to the Nottingham Post.

(H/T: Yahoo News)