‘One Sick S.O.B.’: Mark Levin Goes Nuclear on ‘Deranged Moron’ Chris Matthews

Following MSNBC host Chris Matthews’ very friendly interview with President Barack Obama, conservative radio host Mark Levin took to the airwaves to bash the “deranged” TV host for attacking the president’s opponents for him the next day.

“I believe Chris Matthews is deranged. I really believe he’s deranged. I believe he’s hyped up. I believe he’s off his rocker,” Levin said, before playing audio of the host’s comments on MSNBC Friday.

Levin thoroughly mocked Matthews for claiming that fellow MSNBC host Al Sharpton’s comparison of Nelson Mandela’s election to Republicans’ handling of the election of Obama was the “smartest” thing he’s heard in five years.

“This is one sick S.O.B.,” Levin added.

The radio host went on to argue that Mandela and Obama have absolutely nothing in common and it’s certainly not unpatriotic to stand in opposition of the president’s policies. He noted that Democrats tried to “destroy” Ronald Reagan when he was elected.

“To hear this pathetic liberal know-nothing to go on and on and on at that pathetic, nothing cable network is disgusting,” Levin continued. “This clown, Chris Matthews, he doesn’t understand this country, he doesn’t understand our system, he doesn’t understand our Constitution. He is truly a deranged moron!”

Listen to the audio via the Daily Rushbo:

(H/T: Mediaite)