Rev. Jesse Jackson: ‘Apartheid Remains’ in the U.S.

Rev. Jesse Jackson, commenting on the late Nelson Mandela’s impact and comparing his work to Martin Luther King, Jr. in America, said forms of apartheid linger in the United States.

Image source: NBC News

“Apartheid remains,” Jackson said Sunday on NBC News’ “Meet the Press.” “Apartheid gaps in poverty and healthcare and education. We’re in the middle of the end of the apartheid struggle even now — it’s just changed phases.”

“For almost 30 years, we had a lead jump on [the] right to vote and used that right to vote to empower allies in South Africa,” Jackson said, adding that “we called it ‘segregation,’ they called it ‘apartheid,” it’s the same system and the same political and military and diplomatic players. We had to fight that same system running parallel.”

Jackson is expected to attend the Dec. 15 funeral for the former South African president, The Hill noted, who died late Thursday in Johannesburg at the age of 95.

Here’s the clip from NBC News:

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