If You Didn’t Catch the Prominent Symbol Associated With Muslim Brotherhood Support at Mandela’s Funeral, Here’s Your Chance to See it

The yellow four-finger symbol associated with support for Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood made a prominent appearance at the funeral of former South African President Nelson Mandela Tuesday, as a large banner was held up behind the speaker’s head while being broadcast live worldwide. An unidentified man further directed the viewers’ attention to the poster by enthusiastically pointing to it.

The iconic yellow hand salute banner entered the screen as tributes were made to the late South African leader (Screenshot: YouTube)

The Rabia symbol – also spelled R4BIA – showing a hand holding up four fingers refers to the violent breakup of the August 14th Cairo demonstration in support of former Muslim Brotherhood-affiliated Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi, during which hundreds were killed.

Viewers said they saw the R4BIA hand symbol during the eulogies delivered by other dignitaries (Screenshot: BBC)

Those watching the service noticed the appearance of the Brotherhood symbol and commented:

This video shows a man pointing enthusiastically toward the poster:

Jono Rose of the IsraellyCool blog described how the incident played out:

“For several minutes I sat there and watched a couple of guys behind the speaker at this solemn occasion trying to draw attention to this symbol of the Muslim Brotherhood. There were a couple of them and they were also wearing the black image on their yellow T-Shirts. This went on for about 10 minutes until someone came and made them move – obviously explaining to them that such behaviour was inappropriate on such an occasion.”

As TheBlaze reported in September, the yellow hand icon also made an appearance on posters and T-shirts at the annual Muslim Day Parade in New York City.

(H/T: Egypt Independent)