Widow of American Teacher Gunned Down in Benghazi Has Surprising Message For Husband’s Attackers

The widow of the American teacher who was slain in Benghazi says she forgives the attackers that gunned down her husband earlier this month.

“I just envision the black Jeep driving up to him and I don’t know their faces,” Ronnie Smith told CNN. “I just want them to know that God loves them and can forgive them for this,” Anita Smith tells CNN’s Anderson Cooper in an interview.

With a quavering voice, she continued to explain how she can forgive her husband’s attackers.

“I don’t know them. That’s how I honestly feel. It may sound crazy. It’s God’s spirit that’s putting this inside me,” Smith said

[sharequote align=”center”]”I just really want them to know that I do love them and I forgive them…”[/sharequote]

“I just really want them to know that I do love them and I forgive them, and Ronnie would want this, and I hope and pray that our son, Hosea, would believe this,” she continued. “Yeah, they took away my husband. I loved my husband. But it’s got to be God’s spirit that’s pushing me to show them that this is what God wants them to see.”

The 33-year-old wrote an open letter conveying the same sentiment.

“I love and I forgive you,” she wrote.

Smith’s husband was shot to death while jogging in Benghazi Dec. 5.

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