‘Christie Has Blood on His Hands,’ ‘Political Terrorism’: With Protest Signs Like These, N.J. ‘Peace’ Group Might Have Wanted Bigger Crowd

A group that espouses “peace, truth, justice” arrived at the protest site carrying signs that clearly stated their no-holds-barred anger at New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie: “Political Terrorism” and “Christie Has Blood on His Hands” among others.

Image source: Rich McCormack/For The Jersey Journal

As the storm of the “bridgegate” controversy gathered strength, members of the Jersey City Peace Movement rallied in front of the PATH station in Jersey City’s Journal Square Friday evening.

More than that, they demanded a “federal criminal inquiry” against the Republican governor and the Port Authority of NY/NJ for their allegedly “revengeful bridge closure.”

And how many participated in the protest? About 10, NJ.com reported.

“Jersey City Peace Movement wants to make it clear that we love the state of New Jersey and all its law-abiding residents but will not tolerate Chris Christie’s alleged political vendettas or his appointed cronies and their spiteful actions,” a press release stated.

Image source: Rich McCormack/For The Jersey Journal

The national news media is keeping the hallways of Trenton well populated as investigations rumble forward over whether Christie had prior knowledge that his top-tier staffers were allegedly closing lanes on the George Washington Bridge as political payback directed to the mayor of Fort Lee, N.J. for not endorsing him.

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