One Glance and You’ll Know Exactly Why MSNBC Deleted and Apologized for This Horribly Offensive Tweet

MSNBC keeps getting itself into trouble. This time the far-left TV network decided to use Twitter as its vehicle to offend the masses.

“Maybe the rightwing will hate it, but everyone else will go awww: the adorable new #Cheerios ad w/ biracial family,” MSNBC wrote on Wednesday night, linking to the new ad.

Screengrab via Twitchy

The network was then pummeled by “right-wingers” with biracial families. And thus, the #MyRightWingBiracialFamily hashtag was born.

Others also pointed out that MSNBC’s Melissa Harris Perry and her panel of commentators recently got into hot water for making jokes about former presidential candidate Mitt Romney having an adopted black grandson.

After realizing that their offensive generalization doesn’t line up with reality, MSNBC quickly deleted and apologized for the tweet.

(H/T: Twitchy)