‘The Bible Is Not Fiction’: Filmmaker’s New Documentary Argues That Humanity Is Living in ‘the Last Days’

Evangelist Ray Comfort’s new documentary, “Noah and the Last Days” highlights 10 purported scriptural and societal signs that the world is living at “the end of the age” in an effort to paint the Bible as unshakable truth.

Comfort told TheBlaze that his new half-hour documentary was spawned after he noticed that director Darren Aronofsky’s upcoming feature film “Noah” was listed as “fantasy” on the Internet Movie Database. The designation was removed in February.

A screen shot from early February 2014 showing the "fantasy" label. It has since been removed.
A screen shot from early February showing the “fantasy” label for the upcoming film “Noah” on the Internet Movie Database. It has since been removed.

“I wanted people to know that the Bible is not fiction, can be trusted, and the way to show that is to point to its amazing prophecies. No one knows the future but God,” Comfort said. “If psychics knew what the roll of the dice would be, they would all live in mansions in Las Vegas. Many a parade has been rained on because the forecaster didn’t get the future right. But God got it right from the beginning to the end.”

Comfort said his film will show viewers that the Bible “isn’t a book of myths” and that there is evidence for a worldwide flood as depicted in the biblical Noah story.

“No one convinced me of the stories of the Bible. Rather, God transformed me in an instant so that I knew experimentally that with him nothing is impossible,” he said. “Bread can be multiplied, so can fish. Water can be walked on, red seas can be opened, lions’ mouths stopped, and a stack of animals can fit into one boat.”

In “Noah and the Last Days,” Comfort said, he lays out 10 signs that he believes show that humanity is headed toward “the end of the age” and that will lead to the second coming of Jesus Christ as prophesied in the Bible, including: Bible preachers who exploit people; societal acceptance of homosexuality; a denial of the great flood; and the general belief that skeptics espouse that these phenomena are nothing new and have always been around.

Comfort hasn’t personally seen Aronofsky’s “Noah,” but said accounts from close friends who saw screenings confirm his belief that “Hollywood has no respect for the Bible.”

“They painted a righteous man ‘who found grace in the sight of God’ as a murderous crazy drunk,” Comfort said.

Others have taken up similar criticisms. Media producer and consultant Phil Cooke, however, urged Christians to embrace the film.

“Christians have to stop looking at Hollywood as the enemy, and start reaching out,” Cooke told TheBlaze. “Missionaries have discovered that you don’t change minds by criticism, boycotts or threats. You change minds by developing a relationship and a sense of trust. You work from the inside.”

Comfort’s previous film, “Evolution vs. God,” cast a heavily critical eye at evolution theory and embraced creationism.

Featured image via “Noah and the Last Days”