‘How We Got Our First-Grade Teacher Fired’: Disturbing YouTube Videos Show Students Talking About Lies They Used to Can Their Teachers

Not everyone can be a teacher’s pet, but some students who think their instructor doesn’t like them are saying they’ve fabricated stories to get them fired.

KRIV-TV out of Houston recently conducted an investigation and found a disturbing number of YouTube videos with students describing what they’ve done to get teachers sacked.

“So, we’re going to tell you guys about how we got our first-grade teacher fired,” a young boy in a video posted to YouTube a year ago said.

“Wanna share the story?” he continued to his friend.

Students are posting videos online bragging about how they got their teachers fired or forced them to quit. (Image source: YouTube
Students are posting videos online bragging about how they got their teachers fired or forced them to quit. (Image source: YouTube

“What first happened is we got the suckiest teacher ever,” the other boy said. “I forgot her name … but she’s gone.”

The boys went on to describe a discipline system the teacher had in place. It was a common tactic that included a warning system, a small writing punishment for minor offenses all the way up to getting sent to the principal’s office.

“Anyway, how we got her fired … we just kept going to the principal’s office and telling her [the teacher] was harassing us,” one of the boys said, adding that they eventually told their parents as well at which point formal reports were filed. They also described having hidden cameras on their clothes to capture the alleged harassment.

“We got her pretty good but they said we didn’t show that much,” the boy said.

So, they went on to get people to sign a petition — about 20 students — to have the teacher ousted.

“We gave her a lot for her to handle,” the boys said wondering if they really got her fired or if she quit.

Watch the students talking about the efforts they went through to have the teacher leave:

And this video is not unique.

“So I had this teacher, right, Ms. Keller, and I just didn’t like her, you know, so, you know, what I said ‘let me just get her fired’ … So I went to the principal and instead of saying ‘I was molested you need to play the victim,'” another student said in a YouTube video, according to KRIV.

According to the news station, many teachers are cleared in court of accusations made by students out to get them, but it still can have damaging effects.

“I don’t think at the age those students are they realize they can ruin a person’s home life, their family often turns on them, they ruin their career, they ruin their reputation in the community,” Gayle Fallon, president of the Houston Federation of Teachers, told KRIV.

Watch the news station’s report:

The National Education Association has a post about the negative effects of false reports — it cited one teacher as committing suicide afterward.

“Whenever there is an allegation, there is a victim, whether it is the accused or the accuser,” Colorado Education Association lawyer Greg Lawler said in the post. “Students these days know all too well the consequences of an abuse complaint, and they know how to game the system. They know how to get an unpopular teacher fired by making false allegations, and unfortunately, some of them try to do just that.”