‘I’m Not Ready to Have Children’: Activist Films Her Own Abortion to Show Women It Can Be a ‘Positive’ Experience

A 25-year-old abortion counselor from New Jersey recently revealed she got pregnant, but she just wasn’t ready to have children. She saw a “positive” solution in abortion.

Not only did Emily Letts go through with the abortion, she also filmed the procedure to “show women that there is such thing as a positive abortion story.”

“I found out I am pregnant,” Letts says in the video uploaded on YouTube. “I’m not ready to have children.”


The video shows Letts undergoing the procedure in a clinic, though it spares the really graphic details and focuses mostly on her face.

The footage also includes her reaction more than a month after the abortion.

Society tries to make women feel guilty about having abortions, but that’s not how it should be, Letts claims in the video. She said she doesn’t feel like a bad person, sad or guilty.

“I feel in awe of the fact that I can make a baby. I can make a life. I knew what I was going to do was right, because it was right for me and no one else,” she concludes. “I just want to tell my story.”

Letts did not include the man who got her pregnant in her decision to have an abortion. It isn’t clear how many weeks pregnant she was at the time of the procedure, but she claims it was a first-trimester abortion.

You can watch “Emily’s Abortion Video” below (Warning: Content will be disturbing to some viewers):

In an essay published on Cosmopolitan.com, Letts further explains why she decided to create the controversial video.

“We talk about abortion so much and yet no one really knows what it actually looks like. A first trimester abortion takes three to five minutes,” she writes. “It is safer than giving birth. There is no cutting, and risk of infertility is less than one percent. Yet women come into the clinic all the time terrified that they are going to be cut open, convinced that they won’t be able to have kids after the abortion.”

(H/T: Gateway Pundit)