‘Outright Hostile’: Campaign Blasts ‘Elitist’ Critics Who Bashed ‘Moms’ Night Out’ as ‘Borderline Dangerous’ and ‘Anti-Feminist’

Just days after “Moms’ Night Out” director Jon Erwin decried critics’ scathing reviews of his family-friendly comedy, Faith Driven Consumer, an innovative research initiative that gauges interest in values-motivated consumer behavior, has launched a campaign lambasting “elitist” movie critics.

The organization, which launched a similar effort in defense of Phil Robertson of “Duck Dynasty,” late last year, among other faith-based initiatives, is taking aim at movie reviews that have dubbed “Moms’ Night Out” “anti-feminist” and “borderline dangerous,” among other unfavorable labels.

Faith Driven Consumer’s new campaign encourages Christian consumers to take to social media in support of the movie and to “go buy a ticket and take a public stand for motherhood.”

A screen shot from Rotten Tomatoes showing the disparity between consumer and critic reviews
A screen shot from Rotten Tomatoes showing the disparity between consumer and critic reviews

“If you read many of the reviews on ‘Moms’ Night Out’, it’s clear that critics don’t understand the culture, much less the deeply held biblical worldview of Faith Driven Consumers,” Chris Stone, founder of Faith Driven Consumer, said in a statement. “Some critics are outright hostile to our viewpoint and values.

He continued, “If you don’t venture out of the echo-chamber of political correctness, you can’t understand why audiences resonate with this genuinely fun, faith-friendly comedy.”

The goal of the campaign is to encourage Christians to go out and support “Moms’ Night Out,” a movie that has been skewered by critics with a positive review rate of only 16 percent, but that has been given rave reviews by the majority of those who have seen it (86 percent).

While neither if these cumulative online measures on Rotten Tomatoes and IMDb are scientific, there’s clearly a stark disparity between mainstream media perceptions and viewer opinion.

“We know that motherhood is one of the most important jobs on the planet and women who choose to pour themselves into being moms should be celebrated at every turn,” reads a description on the campaign’s website. “Let’s prove the critics wrong and stand up for our MOMS!”

The launch of the campaign follows Erwin’s response earlier this week to negative reviews of “Moms’ Night Out.” The filmmaker, who co-directed “Moms’ Night Out” with his brother Andrew Erwin, recently told TheBlaze that he’s totally perplexed by critics’ responses.

“My wife’s a stay-at-home mom. We’re conservative Christians … there’s millions of people just like us and we’re underserved,” he said. “To have critics saying that we’re insulting and that it’s sexist just to portray a stay-at-home — that we are we insulting just for living our lives … that’s alarming to me.”

Read Erwin’s full interview with TheBlaze here.

Faith Driven Consumer estimates based on its market research that there are 46 million Christian consumers in the U.S. who make purchasing decisions based on their faith.