New Bible Version Puts a Modern Spin on Scripture

Christian publisher Charisma House recently unveiled a new Bible translation — one intended to hold onto scriptural tradition, while helping people discern biblical meaning in the modern era.

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Described in a press release as “the most modern translation produced in the King James tradition in thirty years,” the Modern English Version (MEV) promises to offer up “fresh clarity” for today’s generation of Bible readers.

“To Bible readers who value biblical truth, the MEV literally translates God’s Word in a way that preserves the message but remains readable for today’s world,”  said Tessie DeVore, executive vice president of Charisma House. “Because of this, we anticipate that the MEV will have broad ecumenical and consumer acceptance.”

A website setup to advertise the Bible version uses the following words to describe it: “clear, reverent, accurate.”

Charisma House noted that the MEV is a word-for-word translation that takes historical facts and events at face value, helping readers more easily discern what the Bible’s authors were trying to convey.

“Every effort is made to ensure that no political, ideological, social, cultural, or theological agenda is allowed to distort the translation,” the translation’s website explained. “The Scriptures are accurately translated without loss, change, compromise, embellishments or distortions of the meaning of the original text.”

See just a few of the Bible verses as presented in the MEV versus other popular translations:

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The publisher unveiled the MEV at an event that included reporters and retailers last Friday at its offices in Lake Mary, Florida.

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