Student Allegedly Suspended for Hiding Weapon in His Pocket. That ‘Weapon’? You Probably Have One on Your Desk Right Now.

Are paperclips dangerous weapons?

Redditors tackled the question over the weekend, after user FatManManFat posted a picture of an alleged disciplinary note to the site on Saturday.

“My friends (sic) little brother got suspended for having a weapon in school,” FatManManFat wrote. “His parents are furious.”

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Image source: imgur

“Sean was brought to the office by a staff member who reported that Sean had a sharp object on him in his right pocket,” the discipline report said. “When asked what he had in his pocket he reported he did not have anything. When asked to empty his pockets he refused. After several minutes Sean emptied his pockets. The contents of his pockets included a cell phone, pen cap, and paper clip. The paperclip was bent in a manner that could allow for use as a weapon.”

Reddit users responded alternately with disgust and skepticism.

“Next you’ll hear that a sharpened pencil is too sharp and can be used as a weapon too,” one user wrote.

“Context,” another user commented on a repost of the image to the “Rage” subreddit. “If this f****** kid is making threats to other children, then maybe the teachers are trying to prevent someone getting stabbed in the throat.”

Still more users responded with the site’s trademark snark.

Image source: imgur
Image source: imgur

The paperclip was bent in a manner that could allow for use as a weapon,” deadpanned user spandaflex, linking to an image of a paperclip longbow.

So far it’s unknown where the alleged incident took place or the particular name of the school, and thus TheBlaze hasn’t been able to independently verify the claim. We will update with more information if it becomes available.

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