What (or Who) Created This Crop Circle Overnight in Italy?

Those in the Italian village of Poirino woke up Saturday to hear about a huge crop circle that turned up in a wheat field over night.

But was it the work of extraterrestrial beings?

No. Artist Francesco Grassi claims he and his colleagues made the field-size artwork.

The LENR Clock was made by the Italian artist X and his colleagues. (Image source: Grassi/Facebook)
The LENR Clock was made by the Italian artist Francesco and his colleagues. (Image source: Francesco Grassi/Facebook)

In fact, on Facebook Grassi said he made the circles to prove that humans can achieve such a feat in a few hours overnight.

“To let the people understand if something is really possible for the human beings and because I love the truth,” Grassi explained. “Now you know that it’s possible for human beings to create the Marocchi/Poirino 2014 formation in few hours during the night, 65 meters x 120 meters.

“So think now that the first simple circles began to appear in 1980 and they had diameters less than 10 meters. That’s the way the phenomenon started, people said it was impossible for humans to create them, simple circles with very small radius. Are you able to continue the reasoning? This is food for minds.”

The crop circle measures X. (Image source: Francesco Grassi/Facebook)
The crop circle measures nearly 400 feet long and about 215 feet wide. (Image source: Francesco Grassi/Facebook)

Grassi’s team named the circle the LENR “Low energy Nuclear Reactions” Clock.

Find more images of the LENR Clock on Facebook.

(H/T: io9)