This Cop Is About to Be Choked Unconscious

He was pulled over for running a stop sign — but he didn’t surrender without a fight.

A police officer pulled over 37-year-old Livingston Manners early Tuesday morning in Hallandale, Florida for a traffic violation, but the officer said that as he approached the car, Manners began shouting at him, WTVJ reported.

The officer said he told Manners to stay in his car and when he refused, things got ugly — and security cameras caught the whole thing on video.

The officer attempted to handcuff Manners, but Manners overpowered him.

Manners “locked his legs around my body preventing my escape,” the officer wrote in the police report, saying Manners also punched him and that he “utilized his hands and forcefully grabbed my throat and strangled me.”

The officer “was unable to breath and momentarily lost consciousness as a result of strangulation.”

“There are a few instances in that struggle where the officer felt that he was gonna lose his life,” said Hollywood Police Lt. Derik Alexander.

The officer survived, thanks in part to backup officers who reached the scene and used a Taser on Manners.

Manners was taken into custody and faces a laundry list of charges, including attempted murder, resisting an officer with violence and resisting an officer without violence, as well as the original charge: running a stop sign.

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