‘Opie and Anthony’ Fans Canceling SiriusXM Subscriptions in Wake of Cohost’s Firing Over Racially Charged Tweets

“Opie and Anthony” fans are canceling subscriptions to SiriusXM in reaction to the satellite radio company firing cohost Anthony Cumia earlier this week for racially charged tweets, according to The Wrap.

Cumia said he was taking pictures in Times Square late Tuesday/early Wednesday when a black woman took exception to being included in one of the pictures and “punched” him (as many as 10 times, he said). That’s when, he explained, five other black men jumped in and started giving him “sh**.”

Anthony Cumia speaks at SiriusXM’s O&A20: Unmasked With Opie & Anthony Special Celebrates 20 Years Of Opie & Anthony at Carolines On Broadway on April 17, 2014 in New York City. (Image source: Cindy Ord/Getty Images for SiriusXM)

The tweets that led to Cumia’s firing were sent early Wednesday morning. In them he called the woman a “c***”; but his comments on violence in the black community and referring to her and others as “savages” and comments that “they aren’t people” were met with the most outrage.

As to the subscription cancellations, more from The Wrap:

Many loyal fans vented their frustration on social media by tweeting screenshots of their service cancellation emails, and wrote hashtags of support including #IStandWithAnthony and #CancelSiriusXM.

Cumia retweeted many of the tweets before scrubbing most of his entire Twitter feed, including the controversial comments that led to his termination at the satellite radio station.

“So @Anthonycumia gets fired by #Siriusxm. I cancelled my subscription,” tweeted fan Mike Kubick.

“How Sirius handled this was ABOMINABLE,” tweeted another angry “Opie and Anthony” fan.

There’s even a change.org petition that’s garnered nearly 3,000 signatures as of Saturday evening demanding SiriusXM reinstate Cumia.

It was unclear how many fans cancelled their subscriptions, The Wrap noted, adding that it’s unknown if Cumia’s longtime partner Gregg “Opie” Hughes will remain on the air. He asked his Twitter followers on Thursday to catch him up on the news:


Check out some of the outraged tweets from fans: