Ted Nugent Revealed a ‘Staggering’ ‘Hidden Secret’ to Glenn Beck This Morning That He Says The Media Has Been Ignoring

Rock legend Ted Nugent revealed a “hidden secret” on Glenn Beck’s radio program Wednesday that he says the media has kept hidden for 26 years: he and other hunters donate roughly 250 million meals each year through programs like Hunters for the Hungry.

“We process and we cook and distribute 250 million hot meals of pure, nutritious, low-fat, low-cholesterol, wild organic venison,” Nugent said. “250 million meals a year, Glenn.”

“That’s one of the most staggering facts I have ever heard, that I have never heard,” Beck responded. “That’s absolutely crazy that’s not out there.”

“The propaganda ministry hates me, hates hunters, hates freedom, hates private property rights,” Nugent said. “We have so many deer in this country — more than ever in recorded history.”

Ted Nugent speaks with Dana Loesch at his Texas ranch. (Photo: TheBlaze TV)
Ted Nugent speaks with Dana Loesch at his Texas ranch. (Photo: TheBlaze TV)

As Beck prepares to go to the border on Saturday to feed and clothe illegal immigrant children, Nugent said he and his “protein soldiers” will come and help.

“I’ve got my Uncle Ted protein soldiers on standby down in Texas,” Nugent remarked. “We will bring down the most wonderful, healthy protein, wild game venison, the ultimate burgers and goulash and spaghetti. … We will feed the kids like we do to our fellow Americans, 250 million meals a year. It’s awesome.”

Nugent has been educating people on Hunters for the Hungry programs (which appear in different forms across the country) since at least 2012:


Nugent said he is proud to stand “shoulder to shoulder” with Beck.

“If there’s a specific church or a specific soup kitchen or shelter we can bring in unbelievable pure venison, we’re ready to rock,” Nugent remarked. “I’ve got my soldiers on standby, loaded with meat!”

But while the famed rocker will feed those in need, he, like Beck, remains adamant that those who are here illegally must be returned to their home countries.

“They are here illegally; we need to send them back,” Nugent said. “Secure our borders and enforce the law.”

Nugent isn’t the only high-profile donation Mercury One, Beck’s charity, has received.

On Monday, Fox News host Bill O’Reilly also voiced support for Beck’s efforts to care for the illegal immigrant children at the border, saying he would make a donation.

“I’m going to send you a donation, because I believe what you’re doing is correct,” O’Reilly remarked.

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