Announcing He’s Leaving CNN, Piers Morgan Has This Warning for the NRA

Piers Morgan, in a series of tweets Tuesday, announced he is officially leaving CNN to seek “pastures new.”

In his typical bombastic fashion, however, the former television host did not go quietly, hinting he planned to continue his controversial campaign against guns in America and the NRA.

Morgan went on to say CNN President Jeff Zucker had offered him a chance to work for two years on an interview show, but that declined.


The former host then suggested he would continue his crusade against guns in America and the NRA, posting the now famous video of himself quarreling on-air with radio personality Alex Jones.


Morgan replaced CNN star Larry King in the primetime slot on CNN in January 2011, but his show was canceled in February 2014, after he failed to draw large audiences and alienated many Americans with his vocal anti-gun opinions.

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