When an Anti-Gay Preacher Visited a College Campus, He Probably Didn’t Expect Students to React Like This

Students at a Virginia university drowned out the sermon of an anti-gay preacher on campus with a hymn Tuesday.

The incident was captured on camera and shows a student play the guitar while others sang “How He Loves” as the man attempted to preach.

“Jesus loves you all!” the student said after finishing the song outside James Madison University’s Carrier Library.

According to reports on social media, the radical preacher was telling gay individuals that they were going to hell.

Other video captured him also yelling toward a large body of students, including those who identified as Christians, saying they were headed “straight to hell” for living a life of sin.

Image source: Screen grab via YouTube
Image source: Screen grab via YouTube/Joshua Huffman

“No, you don’t believe in Christians,” the man said. “Jesus said, if you love me, keep my commandments. You sinners don’t love Jesus. You sinners hate Jesus!”

“God doesn’t hear your praise!” he later said.

“He doesn’t?” one student asked.

“No, not if you have sin in your life,” the man responded.

“So he doesn’t forgive us?” the student countered.

“Not if you have sin in your life. No,” the preacher answered.

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