Activist Was Live-Streaming ‘Ferguson Movement’ When Suddenly a Fellow Protester Commits Crime That May Have Left Him Speechless

Activist Bassem Masri was reportedly live-streaming the chaotic situation in Ferguson, Missouri, following a grand jury’s decision not to indict officer Darren Wilson when suddenly his phone was stolen right out of his hands.

“Get continuous updates on the Ferguson movement, 24/7 unless I’m in jail,” Masri said during the live streaming video after giving out his Twitter handle.

Out of nowhere, an unidentified protestor seemingly ripped the phone out of Masri’s hands and took off running with it.

Watch the video below (Warning: Strong language):

Masri later confirmed on Twitter that his phone was stolen, but that he was safe. He also speculated that it was a “police agitator” who stole his phone.

Furious Ferguson protesters set police cars and buildings on fire as over 100 gunshots were reportedly on Monday night. Follow TheBlaze’s live coverage of the situation here.

(H/T: Greg Gutfeld)