When You See What This Guy Used His ‘Never Ending Pasta Pass’ To Do, You’ll Have a New Understanding of What Generosity Really Means

He may have a beard and a generous spirit, but he’s not Jesus multiplying loaves and fishes to feed a crowd — he’s Matt Tribe, and he multiplied pasta to feed the homeless.

It all started with Olive Garden’s $100 “Never Ending Pasta Pass.”

Hailing from Ogden, Utah, Tribe chronicled his charitable adventures on his blog RandomActsofPasta, breaking down the 14 times he said he used the pasta pass to get food for himself — and the 111 times he used it to feed other people.

Image via YouTube
Matt Tribe. (Image via YouTube)

Initially, Tribe wasn’t even sure he’d been successfully able to order the elusive pass — Olive Garden only sold a limited number of the passes and the company website crashed as Tribe tried to purchase one — but on Sept. 19, he said:

Much to my surprise, I arrived home from work to find a little package from the United Parcel Service sitting on my front porch. Inside? My pasta pass. Needless to say, I was pretty excited. I lobbed a phone call to Olive Garden’s customer relations department to inquire as to whether take-out was permitted with my newly obtained pass. The answer? A resounding yes. Holy crap—this was the best news I had ever received. Random Acts of Pasta was now in full effect.

Image via YouTube
Image via YouTube

Tribe starting hitting up Olive Gardens all over Utah, bringing out full meals to share with others.

At first, Tribe said he treated friends to free carry-out pasta, before branching out to his mailman, UPS delivery guys and even total strangers.

On his blog, Tribe explains that he worked hard to get as much use out of the pass as he could, staying up late to drive to different Olive Garden locations before their 10 p.m. closing time and spilling soup all over the backseat of his car as he sped around, trying to share as much free pasta with the world as possible during the seven weeks that the pass was valid.

When he decided to share pasta with the homeless, Tribe said he got a “incredible” lesson in generosity:

I was cruising around looking for someone homeless that I could give some pasta to. I finally found one sleeping in a park. I debated on whether or not it would be a good idea to wake her up, but in the end I decided to do it. I approached her and asked if she was hungry and would like some Olive Garden. She thanked me for the pasta and said she was going to share it with her friends. First of all, the initial thought of someone who has nothing was to share it with someone else–that’s pretty incredible. I asked where her friends were and she said behind that wall and motioned in the direction of a large wall. I walked over there and peeked around the corner and saw several people there. I went back to the car and got a few more bags of pasta and took it on over to them. I’m still blown away that the first thought of the lady receiving the pasta was to share with her friends.

Watch Tribe describe his mission — and see the moment he shared with the homeless — in the video below:

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