Horrific Scene Unfolds on Dallas Street After Man Reportedly Ties Rope Around His Neck, Commits Brutal Suicide

A horrific scene unfolded in West Dallas on Wednesday, and it has police searching for answers.

Witnesses said a man scrawled some words on the side of his van, tied one end of a rope around his neck and the other around a fire hydrant, entered his van and accelerated, decapitating himself, KTVT-TV reported.

Image source: KTVT-TV
Image source: KTVT-TV

The body was found in the street, and the van rolled to a stop without injuring anyone, the station said.

Police confirmed that the call location was at the intersection of Vilbig Road and Singleton Boulevard, which is about 200 feet from St. Mary of Carmel Catholic School; police had no information about the deceased. It isn’t clear what was scrawled on the side of the van, but it’s apparently in Spanish, KTVT reported.