Watch What Browns Fans Do to Visiting Bengals Player Whose Teasing Crossed Way Over the Line

The visiting Cincinnati Bengals crushed the Cleveland Browns on Sunday, 30-0.

The lopsided loss was particularly painful for Browns fans, who suffered through teasing from Bengals’ rookie Jeremy Hill.

After one touchdown run, Hill stood in front of the enemy crowd and mocked Cleveland Cavaliers superstar LeBron James’ well-known “chalk toss” he performs before basketball games:

But while Hill — who finished with 148 rushing yards and a pair of touchdowns — may have dominated on the field, the hometown fans weren’t about to be pushed around.

When Hill unwisely ran from the field after another touchdown and jumped partially into the first-row seats — something usually reserved for home-team players — a couple of Browns fans roughly pushed Hill away, making contact with his face mask and shoulder pads.

Knocked back to the turf, Hill seemed surprised, holding up outstretched arms in response.

ESPN reported that Hill was running toward Bengals fans in the first row who were “outmuscled.” Hill had this to say regarding his ill-fated leap: “It was kind of funny,” Hill told ESPN. “I’ll learn from it next time.”

Here’s the clip:

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(H/T: Bleacher Report)