‘Skepticism Is Rising’: Former Atheist Journalist Who Became a Famed Christian Author Takes Aim at Major ‘Crisis’

Famed Christian author Lee Strobel has teamed up with Houston Baptist University to launch a new initiative that will address the urgent “crisis” of skepticism and non-belief that he believes is running rampant in American society.

Strobel, author of more than 20 books, including ‘The Case for Christ,” has teamed up with the Christian college to launch the Center for American Evangelism, an evangelistic program that will train students and pastors in best methods for spreading the gospel, according to the Christian Post.

“We are facing a crisis in America. Skepticism is rising. Too many young people are leaving the faith. Few Christians are able to effectively share Jesus with others,” Strobel told the outlet. “At many churches, reaching spiritually lost people falls to the bottom of their priorities. This is a crisis we need to confront — urgently!”

A screen shot from the
A screen shot from the Houston Baptist University website

Strobel will team up with fellow authors and speakers Mark Mittelberg and Garry Poole, and Houston Baptist University to combat skepticism, while training Christians to better fulfill the Great Commission, Jesus’ call for disciples to share the gospel as highlighted in Matthew 28:18-20.

“Our mission at the newly formed Center for American Evangelism is to bring leadership, vision, innovation, and training to students, pastors, church leaders, and congregations throughout our nation, in order to better fulfill the Great Commission that Christ gave us,” reads a description on the Center for American Evangelism website.

The program will aim to make Houston Baptist University the primary institution for teaching evangelism in America, with the center’s focus being placed on “how to reach increasingly skeptical North America with the gospel,” according to Strobel.

The Center for American Evangelism is advertising one course titled, “Evangelism, The Unexpected Adventure,” which will be taught by Strobel and will take place from February 2-5, 2015.

The class, which costs $200, will equip students to naturally speak about Jesus “in an increasingly diverse and skeptical world,” according to the official description.

(H/T: Christian Post)