American-Made Spotlight: Sheepy Shoes

Jennifer Root grew up with a knack for seeing the design in the discarded, and a passion for making new things out of old.

One day, she looked over her vast stash of wool and cashmere and realized it was the perfect material for making baby booties. As the mother of two teenage girls and with the financial implications of college settling in, Jennifer’s idea to start a business from home came none too soon.

Photo courtesy Sheepy Shoes

The early days of Jennifer’s business were exhausting. Working to come up with the patterns, sizing, materials, packaging and branding all at once while being a full-time mom proved quite the challenge.

Jennifer started out selling baby and toddler booties online and at craft fairs. At one fair, visitors who passed by her booth told Jennifer they would love to buy a pair, but had no babies in their lives to shop for. It was then she realized her product needn’t be limited to babies’ feet.

“Who wouldn’t want a little hug on their feet?” Jennifer asked herself.

So she went to work making bigger sizes so everyone could enjoy such comfy, cozy, handmade slippers.

Photo courtesy Sheepy Shoes

“I hope that customers appreciate the personal interaction with a small American-made business owner who is not in it for just the money. My job is to brighten their day with a well-made and thoughtfully designed pair of booties or slippers,” Jennifer said.

As one of the newest shops to join The Marketplace by TheBlaze, Sheepy Shoes adds Jennifer’s quality craftsmanship to the finest collection of small businesses. Using only the highest quality materials, Jennifer sources and crafts each pair of booties and slippers right here in the USA. The materials she uses include super-soft up-cycled sweaters, brand new soft fleece and lightweight, all-season cashmere.

To learn more, visit Sheepy Shoes at The Marketplace by TheBlaze.