Dramatic Police Dash Cam Video Captures Explosion That Literally Disintegrates a Home

The ground shook, windows in nearby homes were blown out and the massive gas explosion that injured fifteen people was felt a mile away. It ended up reducing one home in a New Jersey neighborhood to rubble.

Just before 9 a.m. Tuesday, the gas leak was reported and emergency crews were dispatched to the area. Homes near the leak were evacuated, and police, fire and utility workers were nearby when the blast occurred.

The injured include a combination of gas workers, firefighters and EMTs were injured by the explosion– two remain in critical condition.

After the dust settled, all that remained of the house was the foundation. Mayor John Spodofora told NBC, “The house has been disintegrated.”

The dash cam in a Stafford Township police cruiser parked down the block captured the explosion.

In the freeze frame seen below, you can see the initial spark igniting the gas that was flooding the environment.

Image: YouTube
Image: YouTube

Less than three seconds after the flash, the air was filled with pieces of the house.

Image: YouTube
Image: YouTube

Watch the video:


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