‘Don’t Judge Blacks Differently’: Black Student Activist Says Black Rioters Should Be Judged Like Other Races, With No ‘Excuses’

A black student activist says that when black Americans riot and loot they should be judged like any other race in the U.S. would be, with no “excuses” for “bad behavior.”

Chloe Valdary, a student at the University of New Orleans, said in a Prager University video posted Monday that it’s “racist,” “demeaning and condescending” when black Americans are judged differently.

It’s hard to combat discrimination, she said, partly because “many people feel that they have to treat blacks with kid gloves. They think this is noble, enlightened, progressive.”

“It‘s not,” Valdary asserted. “It’s demeaning and condescending. In fact, it’s racist.”

Chloe Valdary, a University of New Orleans student, says she wants blacks to be treated equally, even when it comes to being judged for "bad behavior." (Screenshot: YouTube/Prager University)
Chloe Valdary, a University of New Orleans student, says she wants blacks to be treated equally, even when it comes to being judged for “bad behavior.” (Image source: YouTube/Prager University)

She offered a personal experience to make her point.

During a discussion in her anthropology class about the fatal police shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, the professor, whom Valdary described as having a largely “non-PC approach” suddenly threw objectivity “out the window.”

“When a classmate said, following a debate over the details of the case, that the facts ‘ultimately don’t matter,’ my professor agreed,” Valdary said. “All that matters, this classmate added, is that a ‘black boy was killed by a white cop. Another example of racism in a racist society.”

“So, therefore, riots that followed the grand jury decision not to indict the [white police] officer were the legitimate reactions of people who ‘just couldn’t take it anymore,’” Valdary recalled:

Rioting and looting are acceptable forms of behavior? Why? Because the rioters and looters have no other options? Really? In free, democratic America, you have no other options? Does this apply to all ethnic groups? Hispanics? Southeast Asians? Pacific Islanders? Of course not. But we the enlightened ones are ready with a prepackaged list of excuses when blacks riot and loot. Worse, when it comes to judging black behavior, even facts don’t matter. All that matters is the skin color of the teenager and the skin color of the cop. Well, not in my world.

Valdary accused those who hold blacks to a lower standard of exhibiting racist behavior:

Anyone, whether white or any other color, who excuses blacks for bad behavior just because they are black obviously doesn’t consider blacks their equal. Rather, they view blacks, in effect, as children who are unable to adhere to the standards to which every other group is held. Think carefully about that. The only difference between this view and that of white supremacists is that white supremacists are honest and open: in their view blacks are inferior to whites. Period.  But those who condescend to blacks cloak themselves in self-righteousness.

Valdary said that blacks should be treated equally “in every way … not better, not worse.”

Prager University, started by conservative talk radio host and columnist Dennis Prager, noted that Valdary’s video was planned before widespread rioting and looting in Baltimore took hold of the city Monday night.

Outside of her discussion on race in America, Valdary is known for her outspoken support of Israel.