Former WH Chief of Staff Unloads on Obama Admin: ‘Dumb,’ ‘Tone Deaf’ and ‘Incompetence’

“Dumb,” “tone deaf,” “boggles the mind,” “insensitive” and “incompetence.”

Those are some of the words former White House chief of staff for George H.W. Bush, John Sununu, used in discussing the Obama administration and its decision to send Treasury Secretary Jack Lew to a pro-Israel conference where he praised the administration’s Iran deal. He was booed.

“This administration seems to think that sweet rhetoric by their own definition is going to make up for their horrible actions or lack of actions,” Sununu said on Fox News. “They think words are more important than the things they do.”

That was after calling it “dumb.”

“This is the most incompetent, inexperienced and clumsy White House the country has had in at least two generations,” he added.

When asked if there’s any way to salvage our standing with Middle East allies, he was blunt: “It’s not possible. You need a new administration.”

Watch below: