Islamic State Hacking Group Had Two-Word Answer When Asked If It Could’ve Hacked Hillary’s Server

The pro-Islamic State hacking group that claimed to have posted the personal information of U.S. military and government personnel Tuesday said that it could have likely hacked into Hillary Clinton’s private home server.

Speaking to TheBlaze using smartphone messenger application Kik, a representative for the Islamic State Hacking Division stated with confidence that their group likely could have breached her security.

“Yes, probably,” the anonymous male member told TheBlaze when asked.

The Intelligence Committee Inspector General said in a report Tuesday that emails deemed “TOP SECRET” traversed through Clinton’s server.

Image source: Screen grab
Image source: Screen grab

A spokesperson for the Democratic frontrunner could not be reached for comment, but the claim comes on the heels of Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-S.C.) calling the matter of Clinton’s private server a “national security issue.”

Department of Defense cyber-warefare expert Robert Twitchell told TheBlaze that it’s entirely possible the pro-Islamic State hacking group could have had the capability to break into Clinton’s server.

“Oh yeah,” Twitchell said. “Anything that has an IP address.”

The cyber-security expert added that because Clinton’s server was protected by the Department of State, it likely meant it was far more vulnerable to attacks from intruders.

“It’s very possible. Without a doubt,” he said.

[sharequote align=”center”]”It’s very possible. Without a doubt.”[/sharequote]

Former intelligence analyst Jason Polancich, however, thought the claim from Islamic State Hacking Division was a bluff and the organization was mostly boasting. Polancich, who founded cyber risk intelligence firm SurfWatch Labs, told TheBlaze it appeared the information obtained by the hacking group was already in the public eye or not protected by much security.

“Most of the information obtained by these hactivist groups, if you look hard enough, anyone can find it,” he said. “Or if you hack various unprotected or insular websites, you can find it.”

Polancich suggested that in the most recent case, the pro-Islamic State hackers could have breached unsuspecting military support group websites to obtain the data posted online.

When asked to elaborate on how the pro-Islamic State hackers gained the information, the hacker group member who spoke with TheBlaze declined to comment.

“Can’t say,” he said. “Let the US gov figure that out.”

A spokesman for the Pentagon said Wednesday afternoon that officials are still investigating the purported hack, but noted that “it appears all of the email addresses for the Army soldiers are old and haven’t been operational for months, if not years.”

In the interview, the individual also issued a chilling warning to members of the military and government. The group additionally downplayed the hacking abilities of Anonymous.

The representative for the pro-Islamic State hacking group was reached using contact information posted on the same website it used to publish the purported information of U.S. military and government personnel.

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