Watch Anderson Cooper’s Tense Clash With Pro-Donald Trump Guest That Had Him Apologizing Before the Show Was Over

CNN anchor Anderson Cooper briefly lost his cool with a guest who defended Donald Trump’s response to a man who claimed “Muslims” are a problem and accused President Barack Obama of secretly practicing Islam at a recent rally.


“That’s not accurate at all. It’s not accurate that he said we’re going to be looking at Muslims like you just said,” Andy Dean. former president of Trump Productions, said. “He said, ‘we’re going to be looking at that’ — potential training camps. You may laugh it off, but there are potential reports of Muslim radicals. Once again, not Muslims, but Muslim radicals.”

Cooper responded, “I’ve spent more time overseas than you ever have in your little life.”

When Dean pushed back about his overseas travel, Cooper began to grill him on how much time he’s spent in the Muslim world in countries like Iraq.

Cooper later apologized on the air and on Twitter for being “rude” and said he was “disappointed” in himself.

Watch the exchange below: