George Zimmerman Makes First Statement Since Sharing Image of Trayvon Martin’s Body

After coming under fire for reportedly retweeting a photo of Trayvon Martin’s body, George Zimmerman went on a bit of a Twitter tirade with a message to the “trolls” — “God protects me.”

“Gee.. I sure hate offending people that have plotted and tried to kill me and my family,” he tweeted Monday after receiving pushback for sharing the graphic photo of Martin that had been used in Zimmerman’s trial for shooting the 17-year-old, the New York Daily News reported.

He followed that tweet with another post, featuring what appears to be Zimmerman’s hand holding a cigar on a beach and a taunt to his critics:

In a follow-up tweet, Zimmerman confirmed that it is his hand in the photo with the cigar.

According to the Daily News, the graphic image of Martin’s body was up for a few days before Twitter removed the image. Following Twitter’s removal of the photo, Zimmerman pointed out that “wanted” posters with his face were still posted on the social media site and asked, “I wonder when Twitter will take these images down???”

Zimmerman has been quite vocal on Twitter as he oftentimes retweets messages from people who dislike him with his own thoughts. Lately, he has been tweeting a phone number for a man Zimmerman called “Ms. Micah Williams,” who he said handles his media inquiries. The Daily News reported that a coworker of Williams said they had received thousands of harassing calls since Williams’ number was released on Zimmerman’s Twitter page. It’s unclear how the two men know each other, if they do at all.