Why Is There a Protest at the University of Missouri? Here are 14 Different Reasons Heard on TV

What is causing the unrest and protests at University of Missouri?

Well, if you watch the various news outlets, you will hear a few different reasons cited. In fact, you will hear at least 14 different things being blamed for the student protest that forced the university president to resign.

Image source: Grabien
Image source: Grabbing

News gathering service Grabien tracked a variety of conditions, events or reasons being blamed for the situation. They collected all of the clips and arranged them in a handy montage.

We list these reasons in the order of appearance on the video:

1. “Ferguson” — Associate Professor Dr. Nicole Monnier
2. “Institutional racism” — Associate Professor Dr. Nicole Monnier
3. “The pain that minorities have.” — Columbia Mayor Bob McDavid
4. “The disparities in educational achievement.” — Columbia Mayor Bob McDavid
5. “Disparities in income.” — Columbia Mayor Bob McDavid
6. “Disparities in employment.” — Columbia Mayor Bob McDavid
7. “Ignoring demands of hunger striker.” — Professor Elisa Glick
8. “Mean behavior” — Cynthia Frisby, Associate Professor of Journalism
9. “Racial Climate in America” — Cornell William Brooks, President & CEO, NAACP
10. “Unsafe, un-inclusive campus” — Professor Elisa Glick
11. “Insufficient number of ‘faculty of color.'” — Professor Elisa Glick
12. “The university president failing to address protesters’ demands.” — Professor Elisa Glick
13. “The Confederate flag.” — Professor Elisa Glick
14. “How Mizzou’s president defined ‘systemic oppression.'” — Associate Professor Dr. Nicole Monnier

Watch the montage.

(H/T: Grabien)

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