Little Boy Suffers Hiccup Attack at the Worst Possible Time — and His Reaction Has Made Him a Viral Star

A 7-year-old boy has become an Internet sensation after being hit with a hiccup attack at the worst possible time: in the middle of a vocal performance in front of a crowded stadium this past weekend.

As Ethan Hall belted out the Australian national anthem before an Australian Baseball League game between the Adelaide Bite and Brisbane Bandits, he started to hiccup — and they just kept coming.

But rather than give up, Hall kept on plugging through, with the hiccups sporadically interrupting his performance.

Despite the challenge, though, he bravely finished the song and was awarded at the end with a rousing round of applause.

Watch Hall’s performance, which has gone megaviral over the past two days, below:

After he finished, Hall proceeded to give high-fives to all of the players, with the announcers praising his poise.

(H/T: NPR)

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