Chris Matthews Wonders Why Terrorism ‘Always Seems to Involve Bombing’

MSNBC host Chris Matthews pondered why terrorist attacks “always seem to involve bombing” during a segment on “Hardball” Tuesday evening.

Matthews asked risk management analyst Anthony Roman if recent terrorist attacks have displayed a “pattern.”

Image source: MSNBC
Image source: MSNBC

“The pattern is that they are increasingly sophisticated attacks and they’re happening with greater frequency in the western world and that is it,” Roman said. “This is the new reality for us and we are—”

Matthews interjected, “How much brains does it take to pack yourself up with TNT and go running into a crowd and blowing yourself up? What do you mean, sophistication?”

Roman replied that the attacks are “planned.”

“There are surveillances conducted ahead of time. They are thought out. They’re coordinated,” Roman said.

Later in the segment, Matthews asked Roman about the attack at Istanbul’s Ataturk Airport.

“What’s bombing and terrorism have to do — cause it always seems to involve bombing,” Matthews said. “Is that because it’s one sure way to blow yourself up, certainly, and the suicide bomb strapped to the body seems to be part of this cult of suicide, of martyrdom, if you will, by their standards.”

Roman said that the bombs often have an “automated switch” to ensure “the bomb goes off.” He added that bombing “can create tremendous collateral damage.”

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