New Jersey high school demands student undergo psychological evaluation for anti-gun control project

It may have started as an innocent school project, but when one Manville High School senior chose to make the case against gun control for the assignment, he ended up suspended and administrators are demanding he undergo a psychological evaluation.

According to student Frank Harvey, the project was assigned to him by his teacher and the topic was approved last year, but when he left his flash drive in the school’s computer lab this week, someone discovered a PowerPoint presentation for the assignment, which was for a college career readiness course, and reported him.

News 12 New Jersey
News 12 New Jersey

When administration was made aware of the presentation, they reached out to the police, who showed up at Harvey’s doorstep and questioned him the same night, reported.

In the presentation, Harvey, who claims to have never even been in detention, listed instances in which people having access to firearms helped them defend themselves and shared anti-gun control cartoons that poked fun at the dangers of gun-free zones.

Ultimately, the seemingly well-intentioned student — who told News 12 New Jersey he has “never been a violent person” — was cleared by law enforcement officers. However, school officials suspended him and mandated he go through a five-hour psychological evaluation before he can return to school.

Rather than come to his defense, the teacher who allegedly assigned the project claimed she did not recall ever giving him the project.

Harvey — in agreement with his mother — has refused to undergo the evaluation and will instead complete high school through GED tests.

“I am not taking him for a psychological evaluation because this teacher is lying and won’t own up to what she did,” Harvey’s mother said.

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