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The media refuses to ask liberal politicians about radical abortion legislation

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Wonder why...

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This week's headlines have been dominated by newly proposed and passed abortion legislation; in New York, third trimester abortions became legal, while Virginia and Rhode Island have considered adopting similar late-term abortion policies.

In a heinous interview Wednesday morning, Virginia governor Ralph Northam suggested even DELIVERED babies could be killed, legally. After extreme backlash, Gov. Northam attempted to walk-back his pro-infanticide comments, but unfortunately for him, video doesn't lie.

The end-goal of abortion advocates and organizations like Planned Parenthood has never been women's health. Abortion is a cash cow, serving up voters and profit. So these new proposals shouldn't really shock anyone.

Among the most disingenuous factors at play this week is the media's refusal to hold liberal politicians to task, requiring a response to the legislation. When will the media darling Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez be asked about her home state's new bill?

Why was Nancy Pelosi not pressed for her almost certainly false statement that she doesn't know what Virginia Governor Ralph Northam said in his interview on Wednesday?

When will the media do their job? Perhaps they know asking a politician pointblank if they find killing a fully formed (even delivered) baby acceptable won't go over too well with most Americans.

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