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Words can take focus and be offensive if you're ignorant to their use


Glenn Beck sits down with TV producer Riaz Patel, a self-described homosexual Muslim, to discuss the impact of a words. Riaz tells us as we walk through life, we're constantly setting off a minefield of bombs from how we say something. Towards the end of their conversation, Glenn gives Riaz a test on the nativity involving felts and Glenn's shirt.

"Black versus African Amercian, boom, we didn't even know, it's a word, the intention is gone, ... the conversation is gone, the word takes the entire focus," Riaz explains. "Why would I be offended if you don't know, ... How can ignorance be offensive?"

Glenn remarks how in the past 20 years he's tried to follow the axiom from Thomas Jefferson, "Question with boldness even the very existence of God; for if there be a God, he must surely rather honest questioning over blind-folded fear."

Further Glenn remarks for as long as it's an honest answer, he doesn't mind but if you're trying to set me up then there's no place to go. Riaz replies, "If you change what you're looking for, it'll change what you see."

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