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You must never doubt the spirit of Christmas


Glenn Beck describes how the manger was supposedly displayed and speculation over what it was made with before being used as the cradle for Christ. Glenn illustrates the nativity scene with several beautifully carved figures in his possession which are made from olive wood and came from Israel. He states how nobody really knows all the intricate details that were present on that day.

Glenn wonders how we can confuse the truth of Christ and His birth with that of Santa Claus. "It's always been troublesome for me," Glenn says. "Until my child was at the age of unbelieving received a letter from Santa." He continues to recall each child's experience as they would come to the age of unbelief and yet received gifts that allowed them to continue.

"You must never doubt the spirit of Christmas, the joy of giving, the importance of laughter, and the dearness of a child that is in need," Glenn reads.

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