Authorities say possible 2nd attack planned in Barcelona

Authorities say possible 2nd attack planned in Barcelona
Two police officers were hurt by another car attack in Barcelona but authorities are not sure if it was associated with the horrible attack earlier Thursday. (Image Source: YouTube screenshot.)

Two police officers were run over at a security point Thursday in Barcelona and received minor injuries. Early reports were unclear as to whether the incident was related to the horrible terror attack in Barcelona earlier Thursday.

Authorities found the driver of the car on the outskirts of Barcelona while a bomb disposal expert checked his vehicle.

The truck attack in Barcelona took the lives of 13 people with more than a hundred injured.

ISIS has released a statement saying that their adherents performed the attack.

“The perpetrators of the Barcelona attack are soldiers of the Islamic State and carried out the operation in response to calls for targeting coalition states,” said the terror group through their news agency.

Police have arrested two men, one a Moroccan and another from Spain’s north African enclave, but the driver who fled on foot is still at large and being sought by authorities.

Later Thursday police performed an operation related to the attack and there were some reports of shots fired. Authorities told people to stay in their homes while officials said they might be under a second terror attack.

Police in Spain said Tuesday they had broken up an ISIS-linked terrorist group that said it was planning an jihadist attack in the country's capital, Madrid.  Three Moroccan nationals aged between 26 and 29 were arrested in early-morning raids, two in Madrid and one in Rivas-Vaciamadrid.  National police said in a statement published by Spain's interior ministry"The terrorists were extremely radicalized and had assumed terrorist discipline and ideology completely. They were perfectly organized and [worked within a] hierarchy and each one of the components had a determined role."