Doc: ‘I couldn’t get past the first shot’ of ‘MTV News’ white guys video

Filling in on this episode of “Pat & Stu,” Doc Thompson, Kari Malinak and Brad Staggs discuss the blunder made by “MTV News” for “White Guys.” Doc explains the video was online less than a day before it was yanked down due to the shocking objections made by viewers. Doc plays the video to get their consensus of the subject matter.

“I am enlightened, I know so much now,” Kari says with sarcasm. “I’m going to bring this list to my husband and my son and they will be better human beings because of these wonderful average people telling them how they should live.”

Brad mentions how it could be funny but Doc has other opinions of the piece. “I couldn’t get past the first shot,” he says. “It went completely off the rails after I saw this dude start the entire thing as apparently a representative of all white guys.”

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