Breaking: Greta Van Susteren says she’s out at MSNBC

Breaking: Greta Van Susteren says she’s out at MSNBC
Greta Van Susteren announced that she was out at MSNBC after only six months on air. (Image Source: YouTube screenshot)

After just less than six months on the air, Greta Van Susteren’s show is already being axed by progressive network MSNBC.

She made the announcement Thursday on her social media account.

“I am out at MSNBC,” she tweeted.

Vanity Fair confirmed the news, saying that MSNBC’s legal analyst Ari Melber would be taking over her time slot.

The former Fox News host had suffered in ratings at MSNBC, despite the network’s upswing in the age of President Donald Trump. While Susteren’s show attempted to be fair, MSNBC’s more vitriolic anti-Trump shows have garnered the network historic ratings improvements.

Susteren, 63, left Fox News in September while the network was mired in the sexual harassment allegations against the late CEO Roger Ailes. In January, it was announced that she would host a show on Fox’s rival network at the 6 p.m. ET slot.

NBC News chairman Andrew Lack recently implied that Susteren’s show wasn’t doing as well as they had hoped.

“It’s not breaking out. Everybody wants every new show to break out Day 1,” he explained. “I think it takes time.”

In January, Susteren spoke to “Morning Joe” host Joe Scarborough about what she had in store for viewers on her new show. “The show is going to be about facts,” she said.

“I’m going to ask questions and how the chips fall they may fall,” Van Susteren explained. “But, I’m hoping to also do some unfinished business — stories that I’ve started that I’ve never been able to finish.”

Former Fox News anchor Greta Van Susteren admits she now regrets defending her old boss Roger Ailes when Gretchen Carlson accused him of sexual harassment. She took to Facebook to rebuke Fox News and 21st Century Fox execs who failed to "supervise" the former chairman and CEO of the network. Van Susteren writes, "I read Geraldo's FB post in which he said he regretted not believing Gretchen Carlson's claim of sexual harassment. We all regret it ? I made my regret self evident in my GretaWire posting about 3 weeks ago which ended with this: ?Gretchen, you go girl.' That said it all." Van Susteren and Rivera were two of the most notable Fox News personalities to defend Ailes when Carlson accused the CEO of sexual harassment. Fox News settled with Carlson and details of Ailes' shadowed past continue to become public as more women have come forward with their own claims of harassment.