Are scientists really marching for science?

Scientists are marching Saturday in Washington, D.C., and at other locations around the country in protest of President Donald Trump’s administration. The march’s organizers say the event is nonpartisan, but their stated mission is to protest policies they call a threat to their research and ability to spread information.

Doc Thompson explored the contradictions of their cause on Friday’s “The Morning Blaze with Doc Thompson.” He asked if it’s really about science or if the march is a ploy to advocate for more funding and push a political agenda. Doc will be covering the march Saturday.

On the official March for Science site, the organizers stated the mission of the march, which includes “encouraging the application of science in policy.” Calling for “robustly funded and publicly communicated science,” the participating scientists seem to be both protesting the current government and advocating for a bigger government that can fund their ideas.

Doc wondered why the scientists are trying to say they’re not political, while also advocating for very political ideas.

“Now that we’ve read up on it from them,” he said, “I’m saying the ‘science march’ should be renamed the ‘political science march.’ ”

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