David Limbaugh shares his personal journey to Christ

David Limbaugh’s book “The True Jesus: Uncovering the Divinity of Christ in the Gospels” delves into the four Gospel accounts, weaving them together into one narrative about the Christ of the Christian faith.

In an interview with radio host Glenn Beck on Thursday’s “The Glenn Beck Radio Program,” Limbaugh detailed his journey to becoming a Christian. While he grew up in the church, Limbaugh said he didn’t wake up to the importance of the faith for many years.

“I only believed because my parents told me; I didn’t ever even give it a thought,” he remembered.

Limbaugh and Glenn talked about the moments in life that lead people to realize that faith is all-important.

“I credit my alcohol and drug abuse for waking me up because I don’t know if I would have ever found the truth if I hadn’t burned myself down to the ground,” Glenn said. “I needed the redemptive power of Christ so much.”

Both Limbaugh and Glenn have turned to Christian apologetics as well as atheist arguments against Christianity to grow stronger in their faith. Limbaugh, who has since written three books about Jesus, had a wakeup call when he realized he needed God.

“I began seeking and reading everything I could find and discovering Christianity’s truth claims are backed up by evidence,” he said.

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