Retired Maj. Gen.: If North Korea attacks, we have ‘overwhelming offensive capability’ to respond

North Korea continues to be a threat, not only to South Korea over the past five decades, but now to the United States with a successful intercontinental ballistic missile test on July 4.

Retired United States Army Major General Paul Vallely said that although the threat of armed conflict with North Korea is more imminent, the U.S. has “tremendous intelligence,” and a history of bolstering South Korean defenses after the Korean War ended.

He assured Chris Salcedo that “if [the North Koreans] heat up a rocket, it goes hot, we can watch it,” on today’s “Chris Salcedo Show.” There is a “shroud” of defense around the nation with the American 7th Fleet, the Air Force, and the South Korean and Japanese armed forces. Additionally, the U.S. is trying to “move China forward” toward efforts at keeping North Korea under control.

He said U.S. command centers in South Korea have 90 percent of the targets determined by satellite imagery and intelligence agents in the North in their database. If they get any indication that North Korea is launching an attack against the South, they can retaliate within an hour with “overwhelming offensive capability.”

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