Why does a crying man make Charles Barkley uncomfortable?

Sports analyst Charles Barkley has been under fire for his insensitive comments about Boston Celtics guard Isaiah Thomas, who was seen crying during shoot-around before a game. Thomas has been grieving the loss of his sister, Chyna Thomas, who died in a car accident last weekend.

The “Pat & Stu” guys listened to Barkley’s criticism of Thomas and sounded off on the commentator’s description of being “uncomfortable” because the basketball player cried before the game. Thomas scored 33 points in Celtics’ playoff loss to the Chicago Bulls.

“That tells me he’s not in shape to play,” Barkley said. “That’s not a good look in my personal opinion.”

“Well, you don’t want to make Charles Barkley uncomfortable,” Pat quipped. “If it makes Charles Barkley uncomfortable, it shouldn’t happen.”

Stu Burguiere and Jeffy Fisher attempted to sympathize with Barkley’s comments,

“Why is [Thomas] out there?” Jeffy asked.

Stu added, “He’s saying ‘Don’t go to the game if you’re distraught.’ Which I kind of get.”

But Pat would have none of it. “He gutted it out. He played despite the fact that his sister died,” Pat said. “He was there for the team. I mean, I don’t know, what are you uncomfortable about? That a man cried? So what?”

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