See the Racially Charged Tweet Reporter Posted After Hearing Carson Was Promised a Position in Trump White House

After news broke that former Republican presidential hopeful Ben Carson, who endorsed one-time rival Donald Trump, was allegedly promised a position in the billionaire’s administration, one African-American reporter offered a racially-charged response to the development.

“House or field?” MTV senior writer Ira Madison III tweeted Monday night.

While not directly stating it, Madison implied that Carson would be a slave in a Trump White House, either as a house slave or as a field slave.

The MTV journalist’s tweet was in response to a posting from Daily Beast reporter Andrew Kirell.

Following his first response, Madison went for the crude rather than the racial by captioning the photo Kirell tweeted, “Can I touch it? And see if it’s soft?” seemingly referring to comments Trump made about the size of his genitalia at an earlier debate.

Tuesday afternoon, the reporter continued his disparaging comments about Carson, mocking his career as a neurosurgeon, tweeting, “Hi, Ben Carson, I found one of your lobotomy patients wandering the streets.”


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