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VIDEO: Chad Prather roasts Elizabeth Warren for trying to hide after being caught 'burning jet fuel like it's buffalo chips'

Chad Prather

Just own up to your hypocrisy!

Image source: video screenshot

By now, you've likely seen the viral video of Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Elizabeth Warren (Mass.) stepping off a private jet, then appearing to hide behind a staffer after catching sight of the camera filming her.

Here's the video, just in case you missed it:

Warren, of course, has based much her presidential campaign on combating climate change and "leading the fight" against the "rich and powerful." Meanwhile, she has reportedly spent more than $700,000 on private aviation during her campaign.

In the video below, Chad Prather reacts to Warren's cowardly attempt to hide her private-plane hypocrisy.

"Elizabeth Warren ... just got caught with her hand in the private-jet jar," Chad said. "What is the world coming to when the person most capable of saving us from catastrophic climate change, the person with the most plans to save us, is gallivanting around the country in a private jet, blatantly burning jet fuel like it's buffalo chips?"

"Look here, Poca-honky ... it's one thing to be a hypocrite ... but when you go out of your way to try to hide, instead of just owning up to it, just admitting it, you look silly," Chad continued.

"Folks, don't be like Lizzy Warren. Don't try to hide your hypocrisy," he said. "If you have principles that you are willing to share with the world, try to live them. And if you don't, then own up to it and try to do better."

Watch the video below:

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