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7 must-watch movies about Iraq and Afghanistan

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First Gulf War


Like "Platoon," "Jarhead" follows the exploits of a Marine company from boot camp through the invasion of Iraq in the first Gulf War. It highlights the down time many military members deal with as they wait for combat. It also deals with the aftermath of war and what happened while the soldiers were away.

"Three Kings"

A heist movie set amid the chaos of the immediate end to hostilities in postwar Iraq. A group of soldiers find a map to some of the gold Saddam Hussein stole from Kuwait and try to steal it for themselves. The movie follows their story while also highlighting the immediate aftermath of the first Gulf War.

Global War on Terror

"Black Hawk Down"

The film portrays an early part of the war on terror when the U.S. tried to get involved in peacekeeping in Somalia. It portrays the events leading up to and including the shooting down of a Black Hawk helicopter in Mogadishu. It won two Oscars.

"Zero Dark Thirty"

This is the story of the hunt for Osama Bin Laden. It highlights special forces and CIA work to find the mastermind of the 9/11 attacks. It won an Academy Award and was nominated for Best Picture, which it did not win.

"Lone Survivor"

The movie is based off the best-selling book by Marcus Luttrell. It is the story of a failed mission undertaken by Luttrell's SEAL team in Afghanistan. It follows the SEAL team's retreat, which ends with Luttrell as the team's "Lone Survivor." It is a poignant reminder of those who very recently paid the ultimate price.

"American Sniper"

This is Chris Kyle's autobiography. It follows his story as one of the Navy's best SEAL snipers through the War on Terror. It highlights the tough readjustment to civilian life that many veterans face and ends with the tragic story of his murder by a troubled veteran he was trying to help.


"Restrepo" is a documentary by Sebastian Junger that shows a tour of duty he did with an army unit in the Korengal Valley of Afghanistan. It is heralded by many veterans as showing their true story. It doesn't sugarcoat what happens when brothers in arms pay the ultimate sacrifice and the effect that has on their servicemates. There are no actors in this movie. It is all real-life footage. It is a must-watch.

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